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Thank you visiting this site. My name is Kent Farley, this is a little introduction about myself. I was born in Yakima Washington, raised in Hilo, Hawaii up on Mauna Kea Mountain with a family of eight, in a stilt built, 800 square foot home. We lived without running water or electricity making childhood interesting with great memories.

As a teenager I was educated in a church school and went to Uruapan, Mexico as a missionary. A unique memory was when I hiked up a mountain to visit the locals. When I arrived, I was the first white person some of them saw. I still remember them backing up as if they were seeing a ghost.
Many people are gifted with different talents: Math, Language, spelling and Arts. I have been blessed and cursed with an creative mind, Never being able to stay stagnant with the route of life. Which is why I dabble in the arts (picture above) and invented, manufactured and marketed the Quick Angle (see patent) which is in stores today. The creation of KTF Industries Inc ( has open a world of new challenges, which I will be dedicated to accomplish both for you and me.